Friday, April 23, 2004

run christian run
so there you are. wot were you thinking? running away when i was calling out to you from across the road. hey, i came across this read, and thought it was fantastic. a tad explicit though, but it all sounded so real. the author didn't seem to try and swamp us with boistrous language, but rather, painted a picture that felt all too real, that strikes fear into your spine like reflex. it is a style that beckons the everyday, the everyman.. and you can't help but feel drawn to such mass culture when you're not an aristocratic elite yourself. yeah, we're just scum of the earth.

and even though usually i have something against styles which use explicity just for the sake of being shocking, liberal or deviant for the sake of doing it, this short story just dosen't seem to have that. it's told so matter a factly that you really think that the character's someone you know, and she's recounting that story for your benefit. no exaggerations, just a rewind from the begining.

so i was thinking, when is it gonna be my turn?

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