Saturday, April 24, 2004

she's walking, thru the clouds
listening to voodoo child (slight return) by band of gypsys after wot seems to be ages. oh, its gorgeous, terrible sound, so full of 'mistakes', brash unladen streams of purity and honesty translated into vibrations in our natural air. digitised for future preservation. i wonder if jimi saw all this? would he embrace the technology as readily as he accepted the drugs he took to achieve some sort of new musical standard. listening to him on this bootleg recording, basically sums up the joys, and difference between a performing and recording artist. i think when one performs, you have to bring something with you, if not it'll just be dry. it's emotionally draining sometimes, sometimes its fulfiling. i don't really know wot drove jimi to the brink of death. like morrison, i think he died chasing his muse. a quest for perfection, that really is fleeting. dangerous because the butterfly figuritive flutters everywhere, survuving even a nuclear explosion. we are only human.. but i think both achieved somewhat by pulling out something from deep within their souls. some sense of hopelessness, regret, momentary peace and a lot of bad grammar.

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