Friday, April 30, 2004

wot goes around comes around
i think that was a naked song. remember them blokes from spore who did don't cry? this was the other good song. in fact, i have the album somewhere. my sister borrowed it. you should go ask her to lend it to you.

so anyhows, today's about feeling. you can't put all your hope into being apprecitiated by the people around you. romantic as it sounds, to be acknowledged and given value by peers around you. i think while ive been feeling better, ive also been blind to this regard. it dosen't hit you until it hits you. if you know wot i mean. well, i'm just glad i can recognise it when i see it. and it's hard to get over it on your own. well, for me it is. to change my subconcious thinking, something you can't work on per se. it's so fleeting, you blink and you lapse back into the same old thought patterns, the same old misintepretations. so yeah, things are bright, but they're not perfect. not on this earth, not in this lifetime. wot is perfection, when i cannot grasp even the air between its fingers.

a powerless feeling is when you have a guitar in your hands, but the tune dosen't reveal itself. when the words don't seem to sing and the inspiration is as dead as the paranoid zombies the infest my mind. ooooh, i look too much into things that i can freak myself out sometimes. and the truth, or bombshell always makes me shiver, no matter how much i prepare myself for it. i can't save myself from wots happening around me.. i've given all i could, it's not enough.

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