Thursday, April 8, 2004

but seriously, taking stock
so this is how it goes. i've got one essay due next friday, 16th april and my production filming dates are probably the 23rd april the following friday. swanky huh? yeapp, one assignment due every week of my frickin' hols. but it's oh kay, i don't really mind, i guesswot this means is i gotta do regular, structured homework and catchup. just so i can do my best in 'lil ol perth.

a few more things, car searching, mebbe actually think up an action plan to revamp my laptop and creative skills in terms of music and web design. oooh, there are so many things i wanna tell you which i feel like doing. but i don't wanna feel dumbass when i actually shoot my mouth fore i can act.

so tomorrow is good friday. it'll rain.. it always does. haha, and i was thinking of doing my laundry tomorrow.. *grin* but yeah, a day to think about His love and sacrifice again.

hmmm.. i guess i'm also somewhat missing the folks and you guys back home. it shure has been awhile aye? hope all of you are doing swell, it's encouraging to read the blogs and know that you're at least alive. heh~

am i becoming too soppy? mebbe i don't wanna take things for granted, these fleeting moments of our lives. have mercy on our souls.

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