Thursday, April 29, 2004

to kill is err, to murder is human
Mr Blair said he "deeply regretted" any civilian deaths in Falluja, insisting "but it is necessary that order is restored and the Americans are trying to do that".

now don't mind me, but it's oh kay to bomb the hell out of civillians just because you want to restore order? so when a suicide bomber blows himself up in the middle of the street and harming other civillians, that's terrorism. but when unidentified ordanace starts shelling the streets and blows people up, those are war tactics? i'm sorry, i must be a dumbass.. run that by me again?

so, you send your troops in because the rebels fired upon you? excuse me, i thought you invaded the country in the first place. don't they have a legit reason to shoot your panzy white arses just because this is war as your so [in]adequately put. *pffffttt* the world is spiralling out of control, and only jackasses are probably concerned with turning the shite around. i'm sorry folks, i think the shite's hit the fan already. literally.

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