Tuesday, April 13, 2004

redox over reactions
so maybe i'm overreacting. but i don't wanna be caught with my pants down y'know? but then, i think it's been established that no amount of preperation can actually prepare you for anything. that's why it's called a divine suprise or something. but i guess when it happens, it happens and you gotta go thru it.

in other news, it's nice to meet someone who's on the same musical plane as you, appreciates the descriptions you pull from your experiences as a half-arsed muso. =) well, housemate timothy's friend jason was a delightful guest whom all of us shared many fun relaxed moments over the weekend. we had good conversations during the neighbourhood jogs as well as over dinners of the touristy kind. i guess perth is a beautiful place when you're kinda showing someone around. well, it's been swell having you around jason! thanks for letting me rip a small part of your cd collection!

i guess also wots interesting about wot this life is gonna be like, is to see the results of the decisions i've made regarding certain pertinent issues. things that really, sometimes just look so obvious, but is blurred when you're just not thinking with your brain. but it'll somehow sort itself out, plus there's always the drill to fall back on. the safe regularity of constant.

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