Friday, April 9, 2004

six dollars in small change
there are certain bands that have just so much groove you can't help but bob your head a little, snap your fingers on every two count and imagine yourself fingerplucking that four-string, attacking those staccatos or fiddling around with the snare work. incubus is one of those bands. nowhere fast could be one of those songs. being extremely almost bored could be one of those occasions.

good friday. it didn't rain! it is somewhat suprising.. well, if my memories serve me well it rains every good friday back in spore. mebbe its not the same thisside of the world. oh kay, latest breaking this just in, it IS raining back in spore! this kinda means something to me. i mean, it just kinda transports me back to spore where everyone's there. it may also feel like that's where God's shown me most things too i guess. hence the rain on good friday, something that's been constant, familiar.. almost haunting.

not quite the same here though. i really like it here and all, but most of my friends are really a different buncha people ive grown up with, jammed with, talk music with. philosophical rants and strange jibing. but then, i think i'm here for a reason, God's reason and blessing. so let's start discovering wots in store for His capacity here.

and it's like that powderfinger song
gotta keep moving to stay warm
because i'm freezing in this room

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