Thursday, April 22, 2004

the ice is thin come on dive in
underneath my lucid skin. things got pretty chilly last night. the lowest it went was 7.8 at around 7am? so right now, my fingers are numbed. i just saw wot i blogged about with wotever vestiges of conciousness i still held on to. i actually typed a recipe out? c'mon! yeah, so here i am, a cold frosty thursday morn. wot holds in store for me? i don't know.. we make these days up as we go along sometimes. was just reading the letter sent by pastor rennis back home. it's nice to see the direction of sjsm, as well as the humilty of leaders and a call for holiness amongst members. i know i haven't arrived, or may never arrive. not in this earth anyway. but we're all moving together. i don't know.. as i get older, the more God makes sense, and i mean it in a way that he's the provider of every aspect of your life, even the things you don't know yet about. it's not an investment or a buisness deal, wot i can get out of it.. but a selfless intervention on his part. yay!

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