Wednesday, April 7, 2004

nihon gono totemo muzukashi desu, demo totemo omoshiroi desne!
well, the japanese test didn't sit too well with me, and i studied for it! *sigh* i guess hard work just isn't wot it takes anymore. orrrr, i might be deluding myself that i've worked really hard, but in actual fact, i havent clocked in the necessary hours. yes.. i think it's more the latter. exxxxccellent.. *twiddles fingers* so anyhow, japanese laguage is very difficult, but it's also very interesting! (note: look above).

a realisation yesterday. i managed to jog 5 km at the gym yesterday. that's 399 calories burnt. but i put it all back and more when we had dinner at hungry jacks / burger king and a two scoop sundae at baskin robins. not only did i spend more than AUD10 on dinner, i also put the kilos back on.

so now! i am going to attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle at least thru the weekdays. that's eating at home, veggies, fruits, healthy cuts of meat and good portions of carbo. minimal snacking and more jogging too!

will we prevail?
brian san, ogenki desuka?
iie, watashi genki ja arimasen!

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