Saturday, May 1, 2004

forwarned and beleagured
beware, perth music is something to be feared, especially after you've heard dyslexic fish perform a stunning set fusing blues-soul-funk-rock all into a gel of cotton soft gelatin. that didn't make sense, but it's not supposed to. dyslexic fish is easily one of the most interesting bands i've seen so far. and most enjoyable. their music will have you swaying, and just raising those heavy hands of yours. you'll feel a strange lightness whenever the band seems to lock on into a sort of haunting funk groove. there's not much bass virturosity, but the bass player defintely is a groove virturuso.. as he basically locks everything together and lays the foundation for that skanky guitar lines to skid across the well tarred road. the vox is top notch, falesettos en all.. but i guess a real treat is the horn section. beautifully complimenting, the band works as a singular unit of spreading a righteous groove. you have to experience them, to believe them.

and then we caught imprint perform for their album launch. i'm listening to the newly released cd as we speak. they had a good set, a pretty long one for their standards. while the sound was not as tight as the fish, the highlights was defintely the rhythm section of the bass drums and the unifying voice that is dean. jon really shown on the bass today. if there's anyone who can get the crowd going to a good dirty funk groove, it's him. man, the runs that he pulled from his sleeve of tricks was enough to keep me entertained the whole night. coupled with his punchy, poppy old school flatwound tone.. you're feet will be doing something magical.

wonderful thirsty night, i almost forgot that im not gonna get that '84 celica anymore. well, screw it, it's a junk heap.

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