Wednesday, May 19, 2004

the heavy air around us
i don't like wot i read.. i don't know if it's biased, but i'm thankful there's no violence where i am. i cannot imagine waking up day after day, and the uncertainty of escalating violence in a neverending war beckons with each new day. i don't know if death is feared anymore, because death is all around. suffering is eaten for nourishment, and soldiers drink the blood of children. war does crazy things to man, and we've been at it for years. you'd think we should be quite good at it. yet, they probably prolong it for personal enjoyment. wot would we do if we weren't fighting? somehow or another, i think that if there was peace, many of us would just be shifting in our seats. could peace ever really be a way of life? i think quite alotta times, while we say we want peace, we actually enjoy the discention, unfairness and despairity of everything in life. its somewhat masochistic, unapplaudable, but maybe realistic. wot lies at the bottem of our hearts? something we don't want to see.

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