Monday, May 17, 2004

pills that keep you warm
first off, i'm freezing my fingers off. it's too cold sometimes. but i hear of the heatwave back in spore, and then.. im somewhat thankful, and somewhat worried that i can't remember much about the heatwave we had in perth back in february. it worries me, because, i'm only concerned with my present problem, and have no sympathy to the tribulations of past. i'm only concerned with the now, and if tomorrow will be warmer. you see what i might be getting at? how i'm totally devaluing the things of yesteryears.

it was sort of a defence mechanism, in-built and subconcious. i dont really know how it wipes out my memories, but there are just certain things i don't remember. some of fear i actually got them wrong, or simply because its over and done with. i'm not gonna be a super-sensitive freak who's so shure of himself because of wot i went thru at this period of time to the next. no, i'm just who i am now, no past, uncertain future. now is all that is tangible to me. i can almost reach out and touch it.

next off, thanks to jeannie, i know i made you worry uneccesarily.. and i know its just a stupid blog. even if you don't think its much, thanks for actually giving me concern, when i was just screaming out for attention, i'm attention starved, and it pains me the wreck i ought to be, or am. but im not, well, just if you (the rest of you) think i am. i'm alive and well. blogs are meant to be two dimensional. you'll have to take my word for it.

i bought a hairband today, and it kinds of gives me headaches. but it sweeps my hair back nice. i might cut my hair soon.. am thinking of it as winter comes to towne.. i might want a new look. and i ironed all my clothes today. *beams*

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