Monday, May 17, 2004

long time coming
took a break for awhile. like i said, i had to enjoy the weekend, and that kinda meant not staring at a computer screen. well, updating a blog isn't so bad. i clearly don't have much to say, but its really refreshing to not have an assignment due. well, not till the second monday from now. that day, all my assignments are due, gotta screen technical handling test (thought that only happened in the army) and then.. and then.. sarah mclachlan ensues. this will be the biggest act i've seen in awhile. a perfect circle were a let down for me, and i really wanna connect somehow. with a muse ive known for so long.

life updates? i'm still alive, that counts for something. just been thru, and still going thru a phase whereby im setting up plans and goals for my creative life. i think by nature i'm a lazy bugger, but i wanna get past that and dabble in the sparks swirling in my brain. the stuff that's making me react, and inspiring me. in some sense, i wanna document that sorta self serving ego by doing something. be it music, words, graphics, craft.. anything and everything perhaps. and perhaps the final testament, of the canvas that is my life, and how you the audience respond to me. life is an art, we want it to be so perfect.

basically, these days, im just thankful for who's around me, who's back home in spore. i wanna look past self, and not think of only my cathartic effect. i always tell myself otherwise though, its like in my book i'll talk about how unimportant self is, but maybe subconciously, i do serve myself alot. in terms of thinking, and expression.

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