Saturday, May 1, 2004

i only have time to say this much
have i been resigned to talk only about wot happened thru the day? haha, nah, mebbe i still won't. sometimes its so tempting when you really don't have much to say, or talk about because your mind dosen't exactly contemplate 24/7. it's not that im embarressed about the things that happen in my life.. its just that im so lazy having to rehash things that have already gone by. its strange, they're good moments, but things sometimes feel like, hey.. i don't need to blog about this. haha, apologies to those who're more vouyeristic than others.

well, ive been listening to a lot of the yeah yeah yeahs lately. i don't know why.. i guess while i've always liked them, its perhaps this past week that i'm really connecting with the music of threee very unique individuals who bring in a lil majik into the recording studios. when you listen to new wave punk such as this.. you barely know it's happening. it's a strange enveloping experience that kinds of protects you from music that makes too much sense.

it's gonna be quiet here tonight -) sometime to catch up on things that i've been putting off.

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