Wednesday, May 19, 2004

beyond recollection
man, i got really bushed out yesterday, clocking almost three to four hours worth of driving. don't get me wrong, im immensely glad that jon's nice enough to help supervise my driving till i officially get my licence. once i do, i finally have a piece of official id, and it really kinda makes you feel like you finally belong somewhere. somehow. and then we watched troy at the cinemas. hot dang, it was a lovely show, though some of the cuts were a tad strange. it was very glorious, and a tragedy at the end of it. i think everyone needs a good tragedy once in awhile. and to become the demon that haunts your soul, is truely a path of damnation that we wreck upon ourselves. yet i guess its true somewhat, the immortality of words passed on from generation to generation. now i don't live for these things, it's just for that moment in the pictures, i could just appreciate and enjoy some mindless carnage and a false sense of honour.

i was just talkin' to someone today about a minute sense of homesickness. it's a far cry from last year, when i was looking forward to going back to spore. but this winter, its like ive grown to like it in perth. not that its better or anything, but its a gradual acceptance that this is life. and yeah, i don't mind staying on to absorb more of the australian lifestyle. where is home, family and friends? i know who they all are, and i love you all dearly.. but home family and friends can also be anywhere you want them to be, and connected throughout by just a lil prayer. we're all underneath the same big sky.

hmmm.. its a quiet night, slightly warmer than yesternight too. im nice and warm today, had a swell jog, a good dinner and treated myself to dessert. strangely enough, watching troy inspired me to run today. hahaha, shite, a victim again of subversive influence, damn i could hate myself. but it was good, there's a real joy when you're exerting yourself against the cold of the evening, burning your lungs and actually knowiing if you're in shape or not by the lightness of your steps. today my steps were heavy, tomorrow i will float on clouds.

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