Thursday, May 20, 2004

what they don't teach you
i think i've come quite a distance since first coming to perth. i dunno, there's something about having your own set of wheels around here. it allows you go wherever you want, you kinda get to show people around, and in some sense, those actions allow you to be a guide of sorts. now im not saying that it only happens if you own a car, because that is rubbish. i could've made more of an effort to suss out the public transport system, but i can be lazy and spoonfed like that. i mean, i kinda know how to get around, from the humble days of walking along leach highway to reach the licensing centre, and relying on a rough sketch of wot our neighbourhood looked like, i reckon i can at least get to certain places now. there experience will hopefully just keep mounting, so that at the end of my stint here in perth, i can truely say that i lived in a place far from home.

and then, we went to the park in bateman too with mr browne and milo. the park is beautiful, there's a pretty good burning of the sky during sunset, but you don't actually see the sun bleeding, still it was a gorgeous sight. and there was a bloke playing his bagpipes. oh.. those are too cool. such tunes of grandeur under the bleeding sky. a bleak yet optimistic tune all at the same time. the balance of life hanging in the haunting drone of pipes.

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