Saturday, May 1, 2004

the tales of my dog and wot he's taught me
in case you've kind of forgotten, our house has a dog and we call him mr brown. he's a sweetie, does stupid dumb things, but in actuality, i think he's a lot smarter. well, i'm just kind of thinking how much i'll miss him after i move out of 56 come july. in fact, i'll miss all my housemates, the people that i get to call 'home' in perth. i'll have a new one, and while i kind of look forward to something new, it's always difficult to let go of some things. some things.

oh, so anyhow, back to the dog. dumb things he's done? chase his own tale.. and allows himself to get mounted by bigger stronger dogs. he's never been the same since we removed his testicles. he'll never hear the end of "mai gay leh" i guess.. i suppose mr brown shure has a longing for something. but he's really grown in terms of being trained. i took him for a jog just now, and he was way more obedient than the last time. then i brought him over to mitty's place, and he got to play with this huge assed dog called scooby. it shure looked like they had a lot of fun. i guess dogs get lonely too being cooped up all day long. it brings a smile to me, when i see him enjoy the company of someone his own kind.

i apologise that we don't have any piccys of the salivating mutt.. i will really look for some soon.

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