Thursday, May 27, 2004

he's thinking about life again?
you'd think he'd get over it by now

this is how cold it gets around here.

can i say much has been happening? not really.. there aren't really many updates in my life. i do get bored of it sometimes, but then again how often do we actually live for the thrills? i mean, it's not the thrills that make up life. life has that same intricite value even if it were perfectly still. it's maybe about how much you value it, or how much you want to get out of it. and if the end is just an eternal end, just of what value is it now? it's not all that wanky, it's just that we need certain questions to break out of ourselves, to derive meaning other than self gratification. but yeah.. when someone comes stepping all over your toes, we tend to get all defensive and we achieve self gratification by not taking responsibility for our actions.

eight more hours to completing my driver's log
four more days till the end of my academic world and sarah.

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