Friday, May 14, 2004

upon his shoulders pressing down like i couldn't breathe
wow, i like that. i like that as much as i like we were made for exciting times. great band names aren't they? tell me i'm wrong, because i wanna know that i never really fitted in anyway. but whatever you say, it's my msn nickname for the next twenty three hours.

and i finally watched radiohead live at glastonbury 2003 on my mobile workstation (that's laptop in pretentiously snotty young upstartish mannerisms). i think ive been having codec problems all this while, but now.. now! life has not been the same since i saw such inspiration from five musicians. it is incredible, how this band can actually make the music they make. i'm lost, collapsing, my lungs won't engage anymore. i need to see them twenty two times in my lifetime..

and i think my body is sapped of all its raw strength. i am powered by ridiculously cheap caffine granules dilluted in warm water. i'm not used to this mugging / staying up thing. i feel as if i've been wading in the marshes of lim chu kang again. sitting up from the hard ground, wondering why the hell when someone wakes me up i have to wake up. and perfom some inane duty. *yes sir? ambush? where, coordinates.. sorry sir, speak up.. i can't hear you. lima delta peanuts grass jelly? sorry sir, i have to ask for your authorisation code. .. ... i'm sorry i can't relay that message if you cannot remember the code word. it's in the SOI. your signaller ate it because he thought he was being engaged? ... look, i wish i could help, let me put you on hold while i talk to one-niner. one-niner juliet nothing further out.*

i am going to enjoy this weekend. *zzzzz*

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