Monday, May 24, 2004

pumpkins screaming in the dead of night
i had been so ill. so ill in such a long while i had almost forgotten that i wasn't indestructable. things can get you down, but you can just brush it aside and move on. but when you're sick, you're kinda down for the count. the spirit is willing, but the body's too busy spewing guts and inards and a whole assortment of delights. daymn, i got stomach flu suddenly, it just hit me in the dead of sunday service, no idea how i gottit though. yeah, i pretty much vomitted out everything in my stomach. tim my housemate was kind enough to make me porridge, but i regurgitated everything out in the end. part of the recovery process i spose. and i think i saw something red in yesterday's massive spew. don't frighten me. i'll live, i feel so much better this morning. His healing hands and prayers i spose. and the drugs that work. but yeah, the moral of this story, is that when you're physically dead, your spirit dosen't have the vessel to do the wonders that it wants. in that sense, take physical care of your body, and not just your spiritual life. bless us with good health.

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