Sunday, May 30, 2004

darkness in light, light in darkness
just when you think that the world is grim and fragile, and the only response you can give is your own tortured smile of nochalance, emotions and near death experiences. you get a sunday that tells you of His love, reasons and mysteries that seem to make so much more sense in the rightside up world in His own upside down way. and i smile, because i'm a rebel like Him, and yet there is conformity in that rebellion, and rebellion in that conformity. the paradox is that you're here when you don't belong in it in the first place. timely intervention, that in my own blindness i could never have noticed, but perhaps from the prayer of others. whoever you are that are praying for me in your own time, i thank you. and You who are listening, thank you that You listened to them. to learn to submit to the concern of others, and to be helped.

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