Thursday, May 13, 2004

mr browne chases his tail the same way we shadow box. maybe he dosen't have much of an imagination, so he needs to see something tangible. something he can spar with. us, we're our own worst enemy, so we combat our imaginations. we dream of high-powered rifles, exoskeletons and latent psychic destruction to lay waste to those that harm our loved ones and way of life.

mr brown runs in and out of my room looking out the window. it's becoming very distracting, i want to scold him, but he wouldn't know wot he was doing wrong anyhow. it does seem somewhat wrong to scold a innocent 'lil mutt like that no? jee whizz man, wot next? children?

you're my quality control
captivates your body patrol
you're my body and soul
for whom the bell tolls
let the rhythm explode...

- quality control, jurassic 5

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