Monday, May 31, 2004

and i won't fear love
so much happened and happening today, so much it's good. i actually am busy! good and bad, but right now i'm relishing it before i fall into deep nap. here's a brief run thru. finish up remnants of japanese essay at four am. then go to school for screen production concept test and technical handling test. a few muck ups, might bring the grade down.. but we tried. and everyone was hell bushed. and then finally had a digital media concept test which i *vomitted* everything that was in my head. should be good lah, but then again it's a jackass unit. but i'll pass all my papers this term i reckon.

we're gonna go for the sarah mclachlan concert at the perth concert hall later! lovely lovely lovely. i hope she sings fumbling towards ecstacy, wait, into the fire.. terribly excited, nice to sit down at a spanking venue with good friends and enjoy a night of intricately crafted music and the voice of a fallen angel.

and if i shed a tear i won't cage it
i won't fear love

i haven't found her yet, but i can still wait. people say i'm still young, and i'm not too concerned at present. mebbe because there's nothing much i can offer, and nobody needs the worst of me. well, i can only think of one, and he just says come as you are.

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