Friday, May 28, 2004

it's not today, it's tomorrow
wasted ways, dried blood.. these are the things that show how time has passed. not my time, just time in general. oh kay, sometimes there does feel like it's been wasted upon. but where i have failed, i see as reason. not a reason for failure, but a reason for attempting in the first place. sometimes we just have to go back and ask ourselves why we did the certain things that we did. and i don't believe in the "would you change anything about your life back then" question. i think many people fail to see that circumstance, and attitudes are a dichotomy. i feel like im stating the obvious, but i wonder if recently i've been giving too many people the benefit of the doubt. there used to be a point that i'd shoot folk down for being dumb arses. then i realised i was being a dumb arse myself, so realised i wasn't as smart as i thought i was. and then, even in that i was acting oh-so-smart, so we're back at dumbarse square one. which brings me to the point of wanting to shout at the public's face again, and them all back into the black oblivion. where i am. or i think i am on given days.

in case you are a dumbarse, this cryptic entry straight from brain to screen. i don't think i'm in some sorta dark oblivion, but i had to type this to make shure. i'm not as strong as you think i am though, but then again i don't really know myself very well. oh great, now i have to type another disclaimer for this disclaimer.

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