Wednesday, May 5, 2004

life where it is
all those dirty words
they make us look so dumb
we've been drinking far too much
and neither of us mean what they say

you know the rest, terribly sad song. i don't know why i woke up with that song in my head. and it looks like we might have made it, yes it looks like we've made it to the end. well, it's a lovely song to have playing in your biological jukebox anyhow.. wow, my mp3 player's playing UNKLE's lonely soul too. two hits of melancholy in the morning, haha.. must be a hint of sorts. but i'm not down, melancholy is kinda like mellowing out for me. makes me realise somewhat how human i am, how frail it all is, how much we need spiritual intervention. dosen't it scare you sometimes, if life's going too well?

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