Thursday, May 6, 2004

wot holds in store
it really is so troublesome looking for a car.. i wish i could just give up. *sigh* the effort involved really surpasses all known limits of patience. i exaggerate. i'm just tired of looking. because i have to bother people to help me, even if the car's near my place. oh kay, latest update on the search. i found a ford capri.. my itchy backside, its a damn convertible, and its already blowing my budget somewhat. do i need a sign that says i shouldnt get a car like that? its squeezy for four too. which means i can't help as many people as i want to. not the most practical car, not the most affordable (though at this price its pretty good value for money), but so aesthetically pleasing. i wish the decision didnt need to rest with me..

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