Wednesday, May 12, 2004

i know you
bahhh, i don't think i should be talking so much about the state of my heart like in the previous post. on hindsight, it just looks so.. emo. geeee whizzzz, not like i'm tryna pile the frivalous thoughts onto the internet. its kinda silly, because one day you feel like that, and the next day it dosen't bother you. and because i'm nowhere near updating whenever there's a change in the weather, i don't want people painting too wrong a picture. but then again, on another hindsight, somethings you have to get out of your system. sometimes you want someone to ask if you're oh kay. it's that twisted. but we don't want it to be twisted like that, because we're all cool and interesting. not weak and powerless. to hell with that, i'm maggot and wormlike. but that's not saying i have no confidence in my wormlike abilities. or maybe because i'm not gonna harp on my shortcomings, because there are so many other things to do with the time set aside for us here.

this blog, should be less about me. but its a blog about me. the strange reconcilliation process.. hahaha, i choose to live. life is more than just the state of our hearts. but i seem to lapse back into these things so much easier sometimes. sorry for talking in code, though its a simple one. i'll try to snap out of it soon.

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