Monday, May 3, 2004

young punks torch schoolyard
didn't you ever feel like actually doing something that gained the attention of the people around you? something destructive so that people wouldnt stomp over your head, show that you're not to be messed around with? let them know the fire that rages within you, that the flames lick painfully on their skin, feeding off their stupidity. i guess that's where some forms of anarchy stem from, our ideals of wot the new world order should be. it's a scary thing, to control the world. that everyone should see things the same way as you. i guess we were all young, and punk once in our lives. just let the rage ooze out.

i think this is a seriously cool trucker cap:
fashion faux pas

and if you haven't heard the john butler trio, i highly reccomend their song zebra. proudly australian.

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