Thursday, May 27, 2004

nihon hand maid for the royal emperor of the dirge
homestyle. i think thats wot today felt like. i did a glorious amount of housework, i reckon i could be a housewife. and don't even start getting all sexist with me about that. i cleaned out the kitchen, mopped the floor, did my laundry, changed my sheets and folded my clothes. and then it came to dinner. whee, second night i tried my hand at japanese cuisine. tried out oyako-don yesternight, and some "generic japanese dinner dish" tonight. one thing about japanese food is that its usually sweet. but the thing i like about it, is that its kinda.. fuss free. as in, the ingredients are minimalistc, and yet because of that, the flavours mix well with one another.. and you get some really distinct flavours. top that off with the freshness of the prepared ingredients, its a small wonder why the japanese are known for their zen like concepts. so yeah, that's thursday's gracefallen pass me by.

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