Sunday, May 23, 2004

a bad taste
ever been curious about drugs? i think sometimes when you hit a creative roadblock, you might start thinking about it. that's why its kind of important to draw out your own guidelines, just how far are you willing to take it? so that when you're faced with the situation, you don't do something you potentially regret.

i think drugs destroy you, and more harshly, the people around you. who deal with your shite, who become your punching bags, who satiate your desires. there are different degrees of escapism, destruction is one of them. do you have a right to choose the path of self destruction? if you were born of your parents, and they gave you life. if God breathed life into you, just how much of your own life do you own? so can we really do what we want with our own lives?

well, nobody ever stopped anyone from disobedience.

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