Tuesday, October 5, 2004

if and when we do complete our film and manage to pull it off, you'll be able to see one of the prettiest little girls there are out there acting in our little fiasco. right now, we don't just owe it to ourselves to do a good project, but to the actors and talents who are setting aside their time to act in a lousy uni production. yeah, we owe them that much, and we hope that our humble offering does them justice for the perfect piece which they cast into their characters. i wish i could show you a pic of 'lil beverly, but i think we ought to respect her privacy. soon! when the film is done!

workin with children is defintely an experience. we're so blessed to have found someone like her. working with children is not just about telling them wot to do, its so much of accomadating them, and coaxing them into releasing their childlike splendor. in fact, i feel almost evil exposing them to the evils of film making, to the evils of life at such a tender age. it's sad, when children slowly lose their innocence. just working with them, as derel put, made us realise how much we had given up. all the beauty you possess, could be found in the eyes of a child. i'm sorry, there's just this melancholic air when i think about it, about having children of my own one day. we can only pray, that our children grow in the footsteps of the Lord. and if you can't understand the concept of guilt and sin, just perhaps look at a child, any child.. and perhaps that was wot it was meant to be? we're too intelligent for our own goods sometimes.

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