Saturday, October 9, 2004

i could've told you that
y'know how it is when you perhaps see a friend come to a certain realisation, and you think to yourself i could've told you that. dunno if you're guilty of that or not, but i think when we start feeling that way, we start putting ourselves over them, we start controlling our friends to become like us. and perhaps we do it, because we're not confident of the paths and realisations we have about ourselves, and thru some twisted way, that's how we solidify our identities even while we're trying to be unique. we become alike. it makes us feel wanted, and accepted on a very surface level.

so yeah, before we start blabbering on about all our revelations to our friends, or feel slighted when they stumble upon a revelation that you had long ago stumbled upon yourself, instead of feeling the above mentioned way, it's a celebration that they've found out certain things themselves. and it had nothing to do with you, because sometimes our friends just have to lead their own lives.

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