Monday, October 4, 2004

hevaen in a cupcake part ii
i forgot to mention why i titled this entry as above.

it's because at dru's party, his sister jade made these awesome gooey chocolate cupcakes. they've got a fancy name for it, but i can't remember. anyhow, it got my saliva glands secreting non-stop that i had to go home at eat nutella. and i still can't get enough!! i'm full, my my mouth wants to taste that sticky goo-ey feeling all over again!

if you haven't figured out by now, i love dense sticky chocolaty things.

and they just showed taxi driver on channal ten. now i know why yuanheng likes it, i kinda like it too. an alternate look on everyday society, mebbe it set some kind of stage for glamourised anarchy? or offered another view i think i'll stick with the latter. and i had no idea cybil sheperd acted in it? always thought she was really pretty back in her younger days. and darkling jodie foster was in it too. great to see all these actors still around today, and wot they were like back in those years. i think temporal distance adds some some sort of contrived realism in movies. that people do grow old. they age. they don't stay 35 forever like they do onscreen -)

oh yeah, and jade also made a most awesome baby spinach and rockket salad, baked chicken with chili and chocolate plus pasta salad. i think eating such good food, re-sparkled some sort of culinary interest once again. lately i think i've been cooking far too practically. been trying to cook with as little utensils as possible. cooking is fun, cleaning up isn't. but i think i ought to take more pride in my preperation. we're supposed to have a massive cookout when i get back to spore at the end of the year!

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