Tuesday, October 19, 2004

dead air
just got out of the shower, and that was the phrase that hit me. the silence that isn't really silence, it's the sound of air not moving. it's a phrase that breathes a sensation of extreme aloneness, that you're the only one around. of course it isn't the case, i've got another housemate mulling around the house, but it's just the surrealism of it all. my senses are so sharp right now, i'm actually awake, in the dead of the night. but we know that the night isn't dead. thousands of insects and nocturnal creatures are scurrying around in the dark relying on their senses to do their nightly routine, vampire are travelling from home to home, feeding on the blood of humans, or rats if they can't bring themselves to kill humans. to them it's day, another time of day. what is day and night then?

we're in another world, my side of the world is resting, is still. on yourside of the world, the sun is shining and you're doing the things i would have done in the daytime. the world is round, but we have different times. am i from the future, or are you from the past. we have a set of rules saying who experiences daylight first, but i stress to you again, the world is round. there are man-made rules, and a man-made sense of time, and everything we've been brought up to learn is man-made, except the revelations of God that aren't taught by men.

let's scurry around while our senses are sharp -)

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