Friday, October 29, 2004

re-enacting scenes from a ressurected grave robber
just yesterday, i spent one internet session downloading music off pitchforkmedia. you can say i'm a happy bunny, because i've been on a shortage of music lately. it all started out with a slowly filling up hard-drive, so i figured i could use a short break from music. to prove to myself that it's not the biggest thing in my life. well, i stand convinced it's not the biggest thing in my life, but it's defintely a part of my life. in the space of four hours, i've discovered the joys of the dears, frausdots, tv on the radio, panda bear, the rosemount family reunion, grizzely bear... just to name a few. it's fuelled a bit of casual songwriting in me as well, but i'll keep it as that, casual and a bit.

in other news, i might be making my way back to spore on the 24th of november, before going to japan on the 29th. the may fled calander looks like two more gig dates before my departure, and that also means meeting up with long-gay for the busking project, leeson for our future, as well as putting out the annual brian morgan year end compilation. exciting things are being planned for the festival of our prodigal returnees!

wot do y'all think of houses as a band name. think it sounds pretty indie-rockish. much my influence of late since yesterday.

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