Tuesday, October 19, 2004

the second most screwed feeling
next to a magpie knawing thru your skull is napping at five in the afternoon and waking up at ten thirty in the evening! this is insanity, pure madness, unreal! and over-exaggerating. but you can guess my bubbling displeasure..

it's bubbling thru my ears so much that, i think i might not be able to get back to sleep. i will dream sleepless dreams and of wild horses dragging me thru the streets of calcutta..

i muse, for there is not much else to do.

well, shooting for the film is done! very glad, very glad! mad props to all the crew if any of you are reading this. and if you see any of the crew members along the streets of WA, just give'em a nice hearty pat on the back! this i might add, is not a screwed feeling.

so there we go, up at midnight. i think there's a song about this out there..

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