Monday, October 4, 2004

heaven in a cupcake
it's nice when people praise you for your playing, and you know that when people in church encourage you for your playing, they don't mean it for you to be swell-headed. and i don't play because i'm good or i'm at a certain level, i just play because i can. i serve because i can, and God has given me something, am i'm just giving back as worship. we don't have to feel that we need to be of a certain level, we just should serve in any form, just because he called us to. when Jesus washed His diciples feet, it wasn't because he was qualified to, but that should be the nature of our hearts when it comes to God.

well then, after church peivn and i went to freo and had lunch with jo, walked the markets abit and just basically caught up. well, it was all good fun, a nice lazy afternoon, sunday's before holiday mondays are like that. it's nice to relak once in awhile. while it's arguable that i'm always too relak.

and then got home, napped for almost 3.5 hours! goodness.. slept until i got a headache. crap, it's still in my brain, but my eyes aren't that tired. and then we popped by dru's place to celebrate his 20th birthday. suprised him from behind the kitchen counter because we missed the initial suprise, and he got a shower curtain as a present from peivn and me. when in doubt, get practically useless gifts. because it's not useless, and it'll come as a unique suprise. betcha no magazine or lifestyle infotainment tv program ever thaught you that. hah!

goodnight everybody!

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