Thursday, October 28, 2004

say something else
something else. alright, may fled didn't make it through the semi-finals last night, so our hopes of winning small time competitions are dashed. should've joined a skater-emo punk band, they're more with it. or bring more friends. it's not that i'm sour, but the elimination process of this competition is hopelessly flawed. audience voting, which means, bring your friends, which also means this club is struggling, so we'll give you a shitty decent prize, but the real prize is that "we" manage to keep this club open! in fact, i'm convinced that its not the votes that mattered, but how many beers each band bought over the bar.

strangely enough, one of the blokes i met was adam of ex-pug jelly. he was playing guitar for his band four piece feed, and suprises of suprises, they are a four piece band! *rolls eyes* to sum the night up, there were two skater-emo-punk bands, a spacey rock and roll band slim pickin', and us. a nice varied night of music, i stand convinced that a lot of this sk8ter punk crap sounds the same. but it's the bread and butter of some juviniles, so i'll leave it as that. don't get me wrong, i love punk, just not the crap that some under-18s and get rich 30 year olds play. slim pickin' were good, but arrogant as heck. quite a turn off in the long run, but oh well, there are just some people you don't need to know.

as for may fled, i think we played one of our tighter sets last night, we got a few positive comments last night, dunno if they were just being courteous. but yeah, think we're all loosening up to the stage a bit, taking things as they come, growing the band through stage experience. sometimes you have a grand masterplan, but somethings, you just need to get out there and do.

if any leeson members are reading this, lets just get out there and play the circuit, lets even do freaking baybeats next year. a band has to work just as hard as it plays hard. keep rockin' kiddos.

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