Thursday, October 21, 2004

guns blazing
i'm kinda blogging to let you guys know i'm still alive. hahaha, been a tad busy since the night i stayed up. truth be told, i slept at four that night/morning, and actually managed to wake up a bundle of joy to go for class. only i didn't go to class because when i met friends, we just chatted away.. quite sick really. they were screening mars attacks! at the lecture. i always did like tim burton movies.

well, thing us, right now i don't really have anything in my brain. i just haven't gone online at home the last coupla days, so i just wanted to see wot this realm looks like. if i responded to comments, it was done in uni. yay! we finished another video for church, but this one was easier.. cuz.. it wasn't really a video? just images words and music. but i think by God's grace, it looks like something, we were all tired anyhow. but don't use that as an excuse to do shoddy work for the Lord though, having said that.

so here we are, i'm just chilling out to a bit of jamiroquai, and planning my next game plan for the final push in terms of my studies for this semester, as well as new equipment!!! *roar* i do look forward to seeing my folks and all my old friends soon, yet there are so many things that i have left to do here as well. the end really isn't in sight.. it's amazing wot one year can do to you *grin*

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