Sunday, October 17, 2004

the hour of reckoning
if you've checked back here after the week, i thank you for you continued readership, of making this inane blog just a little fraction of wot your life usually is. it's my pleasure to share in your life a little in mine, as i share in yours.

when i last left, i mentioned that i had lost sight of certain things. i'm not exactly shure if i've found my tracks again, but the last week has been one of focus. on continued and undivided attention to editing a video that was meant for church. seriously, all that glamorous talk by media students before me about the joys of editing till dawn came true over the last week, and i dare say.. there was defintely a rise in experience. sometimes, one just has to expose oneself to the field he's in to just apply wot he's learnt and appreciate the strange fragile situation one can be in. fading in and out of reality and the subconcious.

it was a good break from blogging, i feel glad that after this exercise, i don't feel as if i'm blogging to gain you, the reader's approval on my life. that i'm confident of the things i tell you, not aiming to impress, but to inform. yeah, it does feel as if some inner blogging demons have been exorcised. i'm now a happy blogger.

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