Sunday, October 31, 2004

thursday on the radio
while we're waiting for the eggs to boil, i'll just pop a little good-will note onto this blog for the faithful. hey, that could be another band name, the faithful. wot immediately springs to mind are band names like the thrills. i'd like to play music like that sometime.

oh kay, apart from this being completely random, it's been a good day, a long day, but one fraught with wot sundays are made out to be.

our church here finally finished the purpose driven life campaign, and with a bang! was playing bass for extended worship, and man.. was it extended. the worship leader shared a little about how you can't really see the effects of your service by just availing yourself when you're on the worship roster, but so many people are touched by the presence of God during a worship session. God deserves all the glory and praise, and it's somewhat encouraging knowing you were perhaps a tool used in that purpose, by just being available.

to close things, lemme just share one of my favourite pictures of all time. i think one of the elements of cool photographs, is accidentally capturing the muse when she visits, to invoke that magic that makes a picture come alive. when it's not just colours anymore, but there's a swirling energy that flows within the trickery of light bouncing off surfaces:

walking in the light

this is james dean, a fine form of masculinity, circia 1955 along the streets of new york. everytime i look at this picture, it invites me and it's as if someone's holding my hand and taking me along those same streets, telling me wot life was like then.

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