Friday, September 16, 2005

bloggers of past and present
this phenomena has blown out of proportion hasn't it? i think the one thing i can't stand about the online existence, is that people take it too seriously. they put so much of themselves into it that it becomes them. and although the words come after the actions, the actions start being dicatated by our words, as our so-called personalities reaches audiences far and wide. in that sense, the projected image of ourselves adds more weight on our weary shoulders.

and if culture like this continues to permeate the blogosphere (or wotever word the folks have come up with), cyberspace in general is not that far off from becoming as an anime like ghost in the shell portrays it. we become so connected, that virtual reality becomes a part of reality, or is reality.

do you get wot i'm trying to say? we're taking things toooooooooooooo seriously. tell me i'm not alone on this, not alone in the last bastion of harmlessness.

in my previous post, i said that humans die. blogs should dies as well. it has become the monster we created, and it seeks a life of its own.

still, i enjoy reading rockson.

seen the dark underbelly of the world and chose to be a parody of it.

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