Wednesday, September 14, 2005

the nanny state with their file on you
it riles me. i guess we're really fighting the downhill battle. so long as the laws are not on our side, we'll always be outlaws.

it intrigued me, then disturbed after i read this

racist comments were made on singaporean blogs, and the owners of those blogs were arrested under charges of sedition.

i suppose the line between an online existence and real life is slowly getting blurred. those of us who commune online are slowly getting our identities exposed. as vigilantes, the world now wants to put a face to our annoynominity.

is this wot we are to accept? that there will come, or there already is a time when people take the online realm so seriously that cybercrimes that affect cyberspace, is seen as affecting physical space already?

this blog may not see the new day, because it would seem that not everything is harmless. guess we predicted the future wrong.

before you know it, even in chatrooms, or conversations you would have to watch your words. for there is no more outlet to be yourself, to truely voice your feelings whether right or wrong, conservative or extremist, no more debate, no more arguement, because even in our most private moments, we are accountable to our society.

it scares me somewhat, this so called wild frontier of the internet is slowly being colonised, civilised as boundaries of beurocracy is laid in its culture. because man fears wot it does not know.

we are being consumed, and it scares me. is creative commons a losing battle? has everyone lost the will to fight? soon we'll have to pay for every byte of information we upload or download. your blanket isp plan can't protect you forever.

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