Wednesday, September 14, 2005

spurious by far
the regularity of these updates have sacrificed a desire to blog. somewhat. wow, i've been doing this for so long now i'm starting to feel a little bored. but then again, its only a little while later where my narcissistic self decides i'd like to share some semblance of my life with you guys.

geee, i think i've got some sorta problem, wanting to be acknowledged.

it makes you wonder though, whether we all live with that longing. even if its not people who acknowledge us, whether we just need to fill that void.

for example, aquiring material wealth because we project our emptiness on it, and when we acquire it, the object acknowledges us.

pets acknowledging their owners.

why do people go off to the mountains, seeking solitude? i guess by ridding oneself of distractions, false truths that don't measure up, we can hope to find something that will acknowledge us. the bible says "seek and you shall find". wot are we seeking today? to make the world a better place, seek a better life for our family and friends?

i suppose we do need to ask ourselves wot we're seeking, and then wot?

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