Friday, September 23, 2005

Catching People

Catching People

folkstar snapped another mean picture

i recently uploaded a few more of my japan photos onto flickr. it had in november last year, and it seems so long ago. last year seems so long ago.. in fact time seems to have been so long ago. from here till then.. i feel as if i've lived a whole life. and now.. as the crossroads are coming up, i don't feel particularly prepared to face the world just yet.

then again i've never really been prepared. in my sheltered life, i always took things as they came, i never planned, never had a strategy. i always felt that if i did it spontaneously, then it would have been right, more pure, less time to corrupt with my own paranoia.

and then now i stand here at the crossroads, realising i don't have any spare change in my pockets, and where each road leads.

my plan of action would usually be conversation topics. the persona of a travelling musician or sage just came along. it scares me somewhat, wot this world has to throw at us. it feels heartwrenching to be this naked with everyone looking.

it's time to grow up, but i just can't snap out of it.

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