Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Saving The World

Saving The World

a fine snap by folkstar.

i miss playing with these guys. leeson has gone thru a few line up changes and band names, but its still essentially a great place of collaboration, exploration, growing up and music.

i've learnt many things playing with bands, in fact, playing in bands has helped me appreciate music on a whole different level then the casual listener. its thought me to appreciate life, and it has given me many good friends as well.

leeson has always been at the forefront of putting out music i'm proud of. when we got the chance to debut ourselves as a new outfit, new sounds and ethos, it was truly a massive privillege.

and the thing i miss most, is the way they've always pushed me to take this whole band buisness in a more serious light. not that its not a barrel of laughs in the meantime. -)

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