Thursday, September 29, 2005

don't believe a word they say

don't believe a word they say

a fine snap by folkstar.

someone please remind me to go for a jog tomorrow, for i shall probably laze around the house so much so that it doesn't matter to me.

this is wot i fear of the future, that i will be telling everyone about wot i acomplished in the past, because in the future present, that is all i will have.

if i am to age, i would like to age gracefully, not as a has-been. the heart is set on eternal things, not those that fade like wildflowers.

today's mircales are for today's enjoyment. tomorrow leaves its own adventures to be sought.

in the old age, i would sing the songs that matter to me. that portray our vitality more than our impotency. and yes, to share it with loved ones, save we die alone.

glorious ressurection be our hope.

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