Saturday, September 3, 2005

many people died today
yes, i think i did it. i destroyed whole planets with my bass playing today. had so much fun at band practice today. we're practicing for our EP launch on the 8th of october. if you're free that saturday night, we're going to play the swan basement with resonance (NSW), insidium,and tragic delicate. still working out when the doors open.

anyhow, we tried out two new guitar players today, and one of them really rocked my socks. he was a thirty seven year old guitarist that just had some of the warmest tones comin' out from his twin reverb, plus he was only playing thru a wah and a tubescreamer! hopefully he likes us enough to wanna play with us, because he really adds a distinct sound to an otherwise rojak band. heh~

destroying planets restores my faith in our music.

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