Tuesday, September 20, 2005

selling the drama
here is an article about the australian church emplying the help of an atheist advertising superstar to help market the image of the church.

wow, you really think you've seen it all. heh~ well, i'll admit, i haven't prayed much about this issue, so i don't think i'll start getting involved with this just yet. it just sounds somewhat overboard y'know? but then again, that might be a religious spirit talking. who knows wot good might come out of this, or wot bad. but we are not at a liberty to judge. critique perhaps, but not judge. if there's anything that i've learnt.

in some verses, Paul goes on to say about wot the fuss is, so long as the gospel is preached. corinthians talks about the wisdom of God being superior to the wisdom of men. i suppose we'll just sit back and slowly watch this one unfold as well. toots!

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