Friday, September 23, 2005

how to achieve success
lets see now, one outburst. probably not the best way to get yourself heard. but if there's one thing i've learnt, sometimes you've got to hit them hard with a sledgehammer for anyone to listen.

it was a bit unbecoming, nothing gets solved thru mindless shouting.

wot i really wanted to say more was how incredibly displeased i am with the way the authorities are handling the Martyn See case. is it even a case to begin with? the man is being treated like some kind of political enemy of state. for what? making a documentary of Chee Soon Juan, an opposition party leader.

this almost seems less about an issue of freedom of speech, but more like an example of a totalitarian agenda behind singapore.

will this stop more people from voicing out, not voices of discension mind you, but just voices of the alternative, for good open discourse. responsible citizenry who are exposed, educated, given value, told that they matter, that the decisions they make do matter. more than their personal lives, but for the respect we should all hold for members of our country, and then perhaps the world.

we're being treated like primary school kids, except that the stakes are higher.

its not as if Martyn was a school bully, just a guy with a different voice.

in closing, there are better ways to go about with this.

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